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songbird62163LEVEL 35


songbird62163 is located in New York / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 6, 2010. She has a total of 71 public recordings that have been viewed 3,912 times and 187 achievement points.

Hi, Welcome to my page! As many of you I love to sing! I have been singing since I was a kid with my family in Brooklyn NY. My Mom was a big influence on me, she encouraged & supported me to do what i love, and I sang in school, off Broadway productions and more. I enjoy recording here on SS. There are so many talented singers on this site and I honored to sing among them. My wonderful & smart SS friends taught me many things; One is: Singing is not about what you hear on the outside, its about how you feel on the inside... sing because you feel at peace and it makes you happy. I am so grateful to SS for allowing me to meet so many special people! Thank you for bringing me these wonderfully talented people in my life from all over the world. I am so blessed to know you all! I am a people person, bubbly and outgoing. I don't stress easily and I stay active and enjoy life. Thanks again for stopping by and visiting. Singing makes me happy and fills my soul.....Life is a Song, Love is the Music!!! Music is a Universal Language.....Now just smile and SING!! Many Blessings & Hugs!

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