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soaringeagle_07's real name is Tommy Lowery. Tommy is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 1, 2008. He has a total of 1,473 public recordings that have been viewed 91,065 times.

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I Love to Try And Sing, although I Am Not Very Good at It.. , I Served In the military, I am A Vietnam Veteran.... I Was An Airman in The US Navy, . "I served With Honor In my heart . So Please support Those in uniform serving For Others Freedoms. Please Pray For Peace... . No Matter What Your Faith may be... I was Born In NashVille Tennessee, I now live in Eastern Texas & I Love To Ride My Harley. when I Am Well Enough To Again... I Have Many Imperfections.. But my Faiths my Rock †† To Try & Correct Them..... I Thank Each And Every one of you for Being There For me ... And my family whom I love dearly.. And all of my dear true friends on here.... mean the world to me... I will never forget you.. Some Move On Some Stay.. it Only Matters Who Are The Ones There In the End.. , Both of My Lungs have """Asbestosis""" non curable cancer from my work I was An Insulator Sheet metal supervisor In A Monsanto Corp Plant in Southern IDAHO It is tough fighting for enough Air to sing A song now,, but I will Come back And still try soon I hope... Keep your faith it Is what God Wants... it is not What Satan Wants Keep Him at bay.....