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Welcome Snappers to our Special Events Profile! This will be your one-stop spot to; find out what events are currently being held, read special notices and locate updated Entry lists for our contest and challenges! We hope you enjoy our events as much as we do!

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Shocktober - 2020 Has Arrived!

During the annual Shocktober Kick-Off Party something terrible happened! Our very own ManyRiffic was throttled! The music was grooving, the party go-er's were dressed to impress when suddenly the lights went dark - There was a scream and the next thing we know, Mandy is sprawled out at the bottom of the stairs!

Detective Willa Getcha is on the case but she needs YOUR help to collect the clues and solve the infamous murder mystery to happen on the world wide web!

Join us every Friday in Shocktober and you'll earn the highly coveted Snap-Star Username and Badge for November! There will be one make-up challenge during the fourth and final week!

The Tension is High As But We've Narrowed It Down To Four

Shocktober is all about celebrating both rock music and scary spooks! This year the chaos hits too close to home as we try to find justice for our beloved Mandyriffic. Each week we will meet a new suspect as they try to convince us of their innocence. We will be able to spot the liar?
Complete each week and you will earn yourself a Shocktober token!

The four Taken tokens you will be collecting are as follows;

At the end of four weeks, everyone who successfully earns all four Taken Tokens will be awarded a special banner and the Snap-Star Username for November!

Check your progress here!

If you're joining in this exciting challenge, you can check your progress on the token chart:

Shocktober 2020 Token Chart

If you are missing a token or your name is missing from the list in error, please send a message to the SingSnap Events team including the details of which challenge you completed and the link to your entry.

Happy Singing!

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