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Silkie_TonezLEVEL 39


Silkie_Tonez's real name is Barbara Ann Mullikin. Barbara Ann is 57 years old, is located in Oklahoma / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 13, 2007. She has a total of 2,929 public recordings that have been viewed 172,116 times and 211 achievement points.

Hello, My Name is Barbara Ann.I am a Singer/Song Writer.....I Am Also A Parrot Mommy. I have 8 Parrot, Children.You can see Pictures and Video's at You Wont Be Let Down if you stop by.plenty of slide shows And* Boo Baby Baby Bear Bear* As he calls himself. quiet the little Singer.His Favorite Song. " You Are So Beautiful"By Joe on that page Be sure to take a look .mind you,the lyrics are Boo Bear's. Boo Bear is a Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot. I am 1st born of 7, my family was given the gift, of music.We Mostly Played in church, and on weekend's we would have family/block Jam's.I sing on Pal Talk. Paradise, M Player,and anywhere i can find, audience I Love Jazz, Blues, Country, Gospel,etc.....I Love to Laugh, and have fun,After all Life is too short to Sweat The Small Stuff ..Barbara Ann