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SilkenfireLEVEL 51


Silkenfire is located in British Columbia / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since July 20, 2010. She has a total of 1,013 public recordings that have been viewed 58,570 times and 293 achievement points.

UPDATE - AUGUST 29, 2016: I'm now back to being active on SingSnap after being away for a life-changing three years. I bring with me my rusty voice along with my hope to find my old friends and make new ones. I am also still packing my listening enjoyment and I WILL leave commentary about what I think of what I'm listening to. I DO listen all the way through a song and will comment throughout so that I don't forget what I want to say before the song ends. I will also object to those who are too rude to at least say "thank you" by way of a private message. I can't help but notice that there is a shortage of comments on people's songs. When I scroll the featured song page of singers and see many views but no comments, I remember a time when it was the other way around. After a week of leaving my own comments with no responses, I can't help but think that some people have left their good manners in a box somewhere before signing on and THAT has affected how willing people are to leave comments. Smarten up folks! We aren't just a collection of songs... We're also people entitled to courtesy and good will! It is OUR manners and kindness that have made SingSnap a great place to be and it will be our lack of same that take that away! Anyway, thank you to those who are still singing with their hearts and manners in place! Love, Silken END OF UPDATE!

Hello my friends... As I make my way around SingSnap, I find that I REALLY like it when members have told a bit of a story about themselves on their profiles. It makes it so much easier to connect on more than one level. So, having said that, I think it's only fair that I tell you a bit about who is behind that sometimes "wobbly" but always determined little voice you may have heard if you've listened to any of my songs..

In the late summer of my rather ahem... challenging life, I am a single woman who's finally taken time to become acquainted with my good self. I am not disappointed with who I've become over the years and that in itself, is a blessing to me. I'm a loving, tender-hearted woman who has fought the good fight to hang onto being the person I want to be with some success. I tend to be of a rather intense personality meaning that I work hard, play with childish abandon, love with my whole heart and can flood a whole shoulder when I'm sad enough to cry. I consider laughter a gift and even here, I love to tease and make others laugh as much as possible..

Born into backwoods scarcity, I am the descendant of some extremely talented bronc, bull and trick riders. I grew up on farms including my grandpa's horse ranch and to this day, I gravitate to the country at every opportunity. I love horses, babies, little people, cozy homes, lightning storms and belly laughs. And of course, good music that makes a person feel, dream, pray or dance..

Like most hillbillies, homemade music was the one thing that made us clean up for a hoedown or a jam session in our own living room. With parents who were musically-gifted, the best times in my childhood were those jam sessions but being of a rather shy nature, I would creep off to stand on the basement steps and sing quietly into the end of my mother's mop handle. I lacked confidence but I found ways to belt out the tunes when I was alone or when I could get lost in the midst of a choir. Needless to say, few of our old 33 rpm LP's survived their continuous use on our little mono record player. Doris Day's "Que Sera Sera" took quite a thumping before it simply tuckered out..

I ended up living a rather nomadic life in my adult years, moving to where family was or where a better job was. I worked pretty hard from the age of 14 on and finally, managed to return to college to become a paralegal. For the past 27 years, I've worked in almost every area of law and loved the work. I have a beautiful daughter and 2 amazing grandsons that I am most thankful for and at this time, I have just moved back to the interior of BC from Vancouver Island to be closer to them. I am in semi-retirement as I cope with some medical issues but I'm holding on tightly to my dreams and I am looking forward to whatever life may bring. I'm always up for getting to know good people and if it's meant to be, I may even fall in love again one day. Until then, I'll be here to praise, compliment, welcome, encourage, reassure, comfort, tease or even, sing. God bless those of you who have already made my time here such a pleasure.