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sicire's real name is Carol In the USA. Carol is located in New Hampshire / USA and has been a SingSnap member since July 12, 2007. She has a total of 2,425 public recordings that have been viewed 71,844 times and 494 achievement points.

GOD BLESS AMERICA...WE HAVE CHOICES THAT ARE PEACEFUL...THOSE WHO ARE NOT PEACEFUL, WHO HAVE INFILTRATED AND INSTIGATED...behind MASKS. USING the Pandemic and Peaceful Protest for POLITICAL and PERSONAL gain, will be found out. Everyone should just go back home...but complacency and POOR GOVERNMENT get us nowhere....SOMETIMES the VILIFIED for CENTURIES ARE GOOD GUYS looking for JUSTICE under GOD'S Law... That says Love thy Neighbor as thyself and that we ALL are CREATED EQUAL....But that Thou shall not KILL or Steal.....


Something about me:My musical adventures began by discovering Elvis when I was 12 years old when Elvis and I were very much younger in the 50's and 60's...and my passion for Rock 'n Roll turned into love of all kinds of music and continued with an ex-husband who is a violinist. That experience took me all over the USA with Symphony Orchestras in the 1990s and to London with the LSO at the Barbican in 1993....then to Europe with tours of My Fair Lady (I was a dresser in Vienna, Frankfurt and Hamburg)...and an almost 2- year-long stay in Wiesbaden, Germany with SUNSET BLVD.So I got to sit in on many symphonic rehearsals from Omaha to New Orleans and Charleston, and work theater productions from Little Shop of Horrors, Evita, West Side Story, MFL and Sunset Blvd.Lots of Great Music!My dream is to buy a little place in Europe/ GB someday to rent out and retire to...and finish MY Musical piece: My Last Duchess (based on Browning's poem).I am a published researcher/essayist, and am working on a screenplay.I have 2 grown daughters from a first marriage...and am grandma to 4 boys and 2 girls.I sing for FUN and relaxation...but find my voice a frustration due to constant nose and throat problems...yet vocalizing probably helps strengthen the larynx....hope in time I'll sound good....I enjoy listening to all my SS friends who ALREADY are AWESOME (a word I don't use lightly)...I am totally in awe of natural talent....and appreciate those who desire to pursue the talent they have and wish to improve on.I'm fairly lazy when it comes to that....maybe "distracted" is a better word...I always am doing SOMETHING, but never fully complete things.I'm a work in progress, I guess....Thanks for listening.... I hope you find something to enjoy. Even if it's just me messing up a song. I comment whatever I feel when I listen to your songs, I don't add graphics, usually. I'm also not looking for any romantic attention or comments, just keeping things honest and FRIENDLY...