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SherylandLarryLEVEL 55


SherylandLarry is located in Tennessee / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 22, 2013. He has a total of 684 public recordings that have been viewed 22,822 times and 318 achievement points.

Sheryl and I (Larry), First came to SingSnap in 2008. We aren't a stranger to the site but we have changed our accounts to become one account to simplify and keep everything in one place. We were on before as LarrysGirl and WorkBoots. So if we sound familiar, that is where it probably came from!
We love to sing together when we get time and duets is what we love to do. Gospel Music always has and will be our first love in music. Our Christian faith is what makes us complete. Everything we do we weigh it against the do's and do not's of God's Word. We do record and have fun with lots of music styles/genres. Our love for each other makes not only beautiful harmony in life but in our music as well.