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shadetree18's real name is Kenneth Felts. Kenneth is 79 years old, is located in Ohio / USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 12, 2007. He has a total of 2,756 public recordings that have been viewed 119,327 times and 331 achievement points.

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Born in Corbin Ky., lived in Ft. Laud. Fla. 20 Yrs. , have lived in ohio since 1989, have been a music addict as long as I can remember.
I feel I need to add, I have just a touch of senility, because, I thoroughly enjoy, visits,& comments from other s.snappers, I also thoroughly enjoy, returning visits, & comments, watching their videos, listening to them sing, infact I want to listen to everyone!!!!
Where the senility, comes in I lose track of who I have, or haven't visited, so I kinda start over, every time I turn on the comp.
If you've visited me, & commented, THANKYOU, I hope to get back to you!!!