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RussellB's real name is Russ Brogan. Russ is located in Ohio / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 4, 2006. He has a total of 703 public recordings that have been viewed 23,596 times and 255 achievement points.

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Hi my name is Russell and reside in NW Ohio with my wife Donna. I was 79 in June but am still a young guy at heart, just to bad my body has other ideas:). I have been retired for 18 years and am now a professional loafer. I spent 40 years in IT and witnessed the computer age first hand from our first huge mainframe that was only 8k to this wonderful age of the Internet. I met my wife Donna on the Internet about 15 years ago the year after my first wife(40 years)Loretta had passed away with complications from Parkinson disease. I have four children two in Ohio and two in Arizona and six grandchildren. I started singing about 12 years ago on Ksolo then switched to SS and have made many wonderful friends. My COPD makes it difficult at times,but I just do the best I can and really enjoy the talented people in here.

Ps: Have been on Oxygen for almost two years and feel pretty good . Goal is making it to June when I will turn 80.

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