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RoyandSanLEVEL 68


??Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions??

RoyandSan is 39 years old, is located in Netherlands and has been a SingSnap member since October 29, 2006. He has a total of 278 public recordings that have been viewed 22,714 times and 416 achievement points.

In 2006 i recieved a link to a website called SINGSNAP BETA
In 2008 After many recordings and listening, meeting new friends, i found this one particular recording by a girl named; ivegotsunshine aka Sanne
in 2008 After 48 hours of non-stop communication via PM here on SS(saved it all!) we decided to meet in RL..
In 2008 We met in real life on the trainstation (never will forget that day lol)
In 2008 we fell in love with each other, and decided to stay together, so she moved in with me...
In 2008 still very active on SS, but also busy busy busy...
In 2009 still madly in love with each other, resulting in less time on SS
in 2010 November 16th our singsnapbaby was born, her name LOIS-FAYE and we took a long break from SS,
in 2011 we did some recordings but where busy with changing diapers and all LOL
in 2012 We were pregnant again...NOLA-VAJEN was born on the 11th of October
in 2013 enjoying our family
in 2014 BACK ON SS, we heve put our two accounts together into RoyandSan and are ready for a new story... meeting new friends, singing new songs having fun and enjoying every moment of it.
in 2015 Roy and i stepped out of our box and started singing in public we gave an acoustic little performance in a cafe in town, ppl loved it, and we honestly felt good about our performance, so we decided to go out and sing more often.
2016: whooohooo 10 years of singsnap
in 2015 we were asked to sing a vew songs in a show, we did, we loved it!!
in 2016, the 14th of februari, Roy asked for my hand!!!!! in a really surprising way haha want to see it? here's the link : (going to place it when i find it hahah)
in 2016 we got married on Jamaica, dream came true!! Montego bay.
in 2016 we gave a theatre show in theatre in town, 'Oldambt music night xmas edition'ppl loved it!!

Singsnap is not an average karaokesite, SINGSNAP brings people together, it creates families , it creates new friendship, it creates an "I`M FEELING GOOD" feeling ;-D

I strongly believe in FAITH / Or something else was @ work here... I can`t be thankful enough for that!!

In the picture below; our two girls, the love of our lives and yep they like singing 2! ;-D