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RoxnWillsLEVEL 40


RoxnWills' real name is Roxanne/Will Pitts. Roxanne/Will is located in West Virginia / USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 6, 2009. Roxanne/Will has a total of 391 public recordings that have been viewed 35,365 times and 217 achievement points.

Hello fellow Singsnappers! I am like most of the rest of you. I came here for a place to start coming out my shell, musically speaking, and quickly became an addict.

I met some fantastic people here and made some amazing friendships, and found the woman of my dreams, which is something I was not expecting. Roxy(RoxanneJollota) was my deepest shock, and greatest find! Aside from finding a friend, super talented singing partner, I also found a beautiful wife. Love you Butterfly!

There are some amazing artists on there and I feel like I am fortunate to know some of the best. Because they are also some of the best of peeps too. Shan, Vikkers, Tamms, Dee, Tru, Jim, Jules, and so many more.You guys are the bomb..... Hell I even have family on here...princessgrumpypants is my Cousin and gummbydammit is my Aunt.....both of whom have AMAZING voices....I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy this site as much as I do. My favorite part of SingSnap is duets.

I love to team up with someone (or several people), and create differing versions of some of these really cool songs. Harmonies, Bob-n-Weave(as I call them) mixtures, and just about anything you can come up with. And with the talent on here, you can really let your imagination flow, and your creativity soar. I have learned a tremendous amount just watching and listening to others on here about how to sing, and truely enjoy listening to others.

I am also a member of a poetry thread, You can cut and paste this link to go to it if you are interested in writing or reading orginal poetry.

Have a great day and keep singing always...Remember that singing is the window to the soul. When someone performs in front of people they expose their soul to the audience, and everyone watching gets a chance to understand that person just a little bit more. That is the magic of music, and there in lies the reason it takes courage to sing. Here is one of my favorite song/vids, and My favorite duet that I have done.

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"Logical Process States, That The Only Choice We Don`t Have Is Our Inevitable Death."