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rowenusmcLEVEL 66


rowenusmc's real name is Rod Owen. Rod is located in Alabama / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 14, 2018. He has a total of 831 public recordings that have been viewed 20,746 times and 401 achievement points.

My dad was always singing to the radio when I was growing up. Remember hearing my Grandparents singing in church and later found out my Grandfather and his brothers sang gospel on the radio.

If my dad or my grandparents were still here today we'd be having some fun on SingSnap. Because they have been gone for so long, there are no recordings of them singing, but I remember their voices as if they were singing yesterday.

I rode Rodeo for a few years out in Arizona and California while I was young in the Marine Corps. Ran mustangs out of Sparks, Nevada back when they were free or sometimes 25 bucks a head. Worked a couple of summers on a guest ranch down in Palm Desert, CA back in the middle 80s. Was lucky enough to work with an old saddle tramp, Marlin, maybe a 65 year old fella that had cowboyed all his life. Learned a lot about horses from that old guy.

As you might guess, I am a fan of Gospel and Country music. Just like praying for someone else lifts your spirits, it's hard to be in a bad mood and sing at the same time. So Sing!