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rocknrollgirl's real name is Karri Rocks Bandmadness-LIVE!. Karri Rocks is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 26, 2008. Karri Rocks has a total of 1,569 public recordings that have been viewed 37,798 times and 699 achievement points.

Dec 1, 2020
Today is Tuesday. I got home on Friday night. Got completely unpacked and all moved in on Sunday. I just have a few things still in storage containers. But, at least they are all see through so I can see what I got and I know where everything is .. so nice. Got the tree up on Sunday and my bedroom all put away too. Nice to be all moved in. Its cold and I got the heater cranked up!!

Nov 6, 2020
Done with the move and now I'm at my sons house in Imperial Beach they had to go home cause he couldn't get leave and they wanted me to be with them for Thanksgiving So I'm here in San Diego for 3wks!!! A little break then in Dec. I'll go home and finish unpacking...

Oct 23, 2020
Moving in one week. First time in 17yrs I moved. Just going around the corner actually over the fence. My fence is adjacent to the apt I'm moving to. So my son is paying for the movers and they will be here on Oct 31 to move me. Yes I'm moving on Halloween. So I'll be in and out for the next week and going crazy to get all packed up .. first time I ever moved alone. I'm on my own and not liking it. But, life goes on...

And I don't have 30days to be out I'm supposed to be out on the 2nd.. good luck to me lol

Oct 7 2020
I'm a widow with 3 sons 2 in the Navy and one a construction worker. And 3 grandchildren.

Got news that I will be moving in 30 days or less. Well I have 30 days from that date to move out of here. So that makes about 60 days I'll be all moved in to my new apt. I'm Moving around the corner to a one bedroom. it will be nice, it's in a better location near the parking so I'll be parking right next to my apt, no more long walk!

This video I shot at Brookdale Lodge in Santa Cruz mountains

Aug 21 8:30pm CA time

Santa Cruz is my hometown I'm watching and hearing from my family and friends that they are being evacuated my 2sisters are in Scotts Valley and on the edge of the evacuation area. This is my home. I'm living 30miles away safely in Gilroy. My sister and niece and her husband had to leave home yesterday she is in Felton. My good friend is in Scotts Valley waiting it out. Hope she is ok she lives in downtown Scotts Valley in a trailer park that is under evacuation. I have several on my friends list FB that have been evacated and Now I'm feeling sad. Watching the mountain burn down. Its my home where I went to every time I go out. I drive up to the Santa Cruz mountains to Boulder Creek or Felton. Its devastating.

Update Aug 21st 1am
I'm not in the affected evacuation area but my family and most of my friends are being evacuated and I'm waiting on word if anyone is going to need to stay with me. So far I'm just waiting. I'm getting a sore throat and headache from the smoke from the fires even though I've had the windows closed and stayed inside most of the day.

Prayers for my friends and family in the evacuation areas...

Update Aug 12, 2020
I'm not a singer but I am a video producer I have friends that are singers and make the big bucks singing with big bands so I got into video producing so I could tag along with them. I can just hide behind the camera and happy to do it most of the time. Been too shy to even get up on the stage though I've been invited a number of times.

I'm a widow with 3 sons 2 in the Navy and one a construction worker 3 grandchild. Lost my husband in May to cancer. Really appreciate and grateful for the time I had with him. 40yrs I miss him more and more. But, getting the hang of it. I usually enjoy adventures so I'm treating this an adventure.

Just looking for friendships and singing partners.

This is a pic of me and some of my bands.

This pic is from the last time we took the grandkids to Gilroy Gardens.

One of my favorite songs....