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rfwells32LEVEL 79


rfwells32's real name is Ron Wells. Ron is 70 years old, is located in Nevada / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 26, 2007. He has a total of 2,268 public recordings that have been viewed 150,017 times and 505 achievement points.

Some of my favorite recordings here on SingSnap! I Believe In You And Me Welcome Home Lady Love See You When I Get There You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine Just You And Me We're In This Love Together After All An Innocent Man What You Won't Do For Love Love X Love If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time Rainy Night In Georgia Crystal Blue Persuasion Look What You've Done To Me Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel They Just Can't Stop (Games People Play) Mighty Love Sexual Healing You're All I Need To Get By

My name is Ron, and I am a music lover. My musical journey started when I was a little boy back in Washington D.C. I can't remember when there wasn't music playing in my house. On the radio, my Mom and Dad played the popular music of the day and my grandmother would play classical music. My grandmother would sit me at the piano when I got home from school and teach me the notes. I also have an older brother that would listen to 50's Doo Wop music all the time.

In my neighborhood, accapella groups were the thing, during that time. I would try to hang with my brother and listen to the groups sing on the street corner under the streetlight. He would be annoyed with me, but all the other guys seem not to mind, so I listened. I thought, this is something I want to do.

But, as time went on, I got more into sports and forgot about my love for music. It wasn't until I returned home from my military tour and started working, that I got reacquainted with it.

One day, a co-worker heard me singing as I worked and said that I had a great voice and that I should do something with it. I said thank you and kept working. Well, Andy (my co-worker) continued to hound me, because he needed a vocalist for his band. I told him that I had no experience and that I wouldn't know what to do. He asked me to attend a band rehearsal. I agreed.

The rehearsal was addicting and I found myself singing in no time at all. Not only singing the lead part, but showing everyone else their parts. I joined the band that night. Since everyone played an instrument, I had to learn one as well. I started playing the Sax. I was finally in my element.

Times change, and after about 5 years, we broke up and my band career was over. I moved away from the D.C. area and moved to Northern Ca. (the Bay Area) were I met a Jazz guitarist and occasionally sang at some of his gigs. I did weddings and other events but now, it's karaoke on the internet.

I love entertaining people and get no greater high than to have people get the musical message. I believe that my voice is just a musical tool, to convey that message.

To all that listen to me, thanks so much. It is a pure pleasure to sing to you. Thanks SingSnap for developing this site.