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realdealnowLEVEL 74


Gone to (Finnish/Swedish )best karaoke place on Internet

realdealnow is located in Sweden and has been a SingSnap member since October 2, 2009. He has a total of 3,905 public recordings that have been viewed 162,791 times and 464 achievement points.

Vaccination is said to be 95% effective.
Doing nothing is 99.97% effective.
The problem seems to be that Americans can't do basic math.

WHAT A CRAPPY PIECE OF SHIT this SingSnap vers 2 is,,totally a disaster gosh money back.Iv been on MANY karaoke sites but this is far the most CRAPPY ever,,sound,sync EVERYTHING sucks,,,no peeps come to a awesome karaoke site from Finland/Sweden 1 year 30 US dollar

I'm Swedish I don't want your country to die like mine...
Socialism kill my country !!!
Americans, you need to fight !!!!!!!
Don't let them kill your country !
You need to fight to save the American Spirit !!!

Swedish pride,September 7 1631 was a battle cry and a password alike. When Gustav Adolf II moved to Northern Germany, he won many German mercenaries for his army. He was seen, above all by the Protestants, not as a conqueror but as a liberator. Many Northern German fighters helped him fight the Roman Catholic Empire. The king understood the German language very well because his mother was German and had taught him this language since childhood. So "Gott Mit Uns" was an official password for the Swedish army during this invasion."Historic fact

Led by Gustavus Adolphus, the Swedish army advances like a swarm of locusts through Germany. The soldiers leave a devastated countryside in their wake. The other side - the Catholic League and the Habsburg Imperial army - do their utmost to offer resistance.
The antagonists meet on 7 September 1631 on the open field near the village of Breitenfeld, outside Leipzig. The battle becomes the biggest of the Thirty Years' War. Gustavus Adolphus and the Swedish army, with Saxon reinforcements, face the Imperial army, which is accustomed to victory, under the command of General Tilly.

The Swedes go into battle under the war cry Gott Mit Uns - "God With Us". (This motto will later be handed down: first to the Prussian army, and later to the German army

After seven hours of battle, the Swedish-Saxon army are victorious thanks to their exceptional discipline, great mobility and superior firepower. Twelve thousand men are dead on the battlefield.

The triumph at Breitenfeld in 1631 is the height of Gustavus Adolphus' military career. But the victory march continues: Nuremberg, Frankfurt am Main and Munich are conquered. He gains a reputation as undefeatable. But he will not live long enough to realise his dream of becoming the Holy Roman Emperor.

Insane,,SICK,,,TERRIBLE,,,,,Swedish leftie police on her knee,,,for a mob of terrorists..looters killers now we gotta strike back and HARD,,,,


"Färdenesland" by Udden Cowboy aka realdealnow

"Håll Fanan Högt-Nordfront Hell Seger,Vi vinner kampen mot dom röda

"Ace of spades" cover by realdealnow aka Udden Cowboy