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Ratty's real name is Leslie Ratcliff. Leslie is 87 years old, is located in United Kingdom and has been a SingSnap member since June 8, 2007. He has a total of 6,432 public recordings and 11 achievement points.

Information Written by Ratty 3

It is with a heavy heart I regret to inform anyone looking in on Les 'Rattys' account, that Les passed away on the 7th January 2014, after a very short battle with Cancer.
He had for some time felt unwell, but none of us , least of all Les were expecting the devastating news we received after a CT scan revealed the extent to which the Cancer had taken hold.
We can only be in some ways grateful, that he succumbed to the chest infection he battled bravely over 6 days , and was spared the worst of the Cancer symptoms.
Many of you knew him well and befriended him over the last few years and like us, you took him into your hearts.
He loved this place, and found a way to daily express his love for the oldies and even some new tunes , performed in his own inimitable style.

The tributes to him have been overwhelming in their genuine disbelief, and heartfelt condolences . We are shell shocked ourselves that such a large part of our lives has gone. The family are deeply touched by the statuses dedicated to him, the private messages of support and condolence , and the songs that have been sung in his memory.

If you are one of those that knew him well, I hope you like, and it makes you smile to know that we have chosen the final song to play him out to , is 'Stardust' ....that's what you are now Dad, may God be with you as you journey on.

RIP 'Ratty'
07-12-1933- 07-01-2014
The last words to leave you with are ones he has written many times over...
God Bless

Duet with my lovely friend DoreenMy grandson, Harry who loves the 'old stuff'Youngest Daughter, Elaine boogying along !!A duet with my sweet friend Doreen"A duet withmy lovely friend JulieResident in Biggleswade, UKBeing an oldie the oldies appeal to me .Memories of parties in the 50's and 60's when Frankie Lane , Johnnie Ray, David Whitfield among others would prompt me to let rip.The vocal chords won't allow that these days so a more restrained approach is required, all the better for your hearing and my dear wife .Still can't resist the temptation to let loose when I hear a good old song......sorry about that .Here is a list of the songs I have composed and links to them.As time progresses some may have been withdrawn due to licensing restrictions.Any comments will be most welcomed.Music only is available for some of them if you fancy a go at them . Just leave a note with a comment.Thank you .My latest Composition is here:- Don't Get The Chance N01:- Love Grows No3:- Sung song Dec14thHoldMe No4:- Loving you keeps me alive No7:- Sung songUnder title:- .Mountain music Jan13thI don't know No8:- Sung songI Worry No6:- Sung song Under Title 'A Bad Goodbye'Jan 23rdWould I , Could INo5:- Sung song Jan 13thCasey ,Music only No13:- Dec20th Under Title Casey 'Jones'Lucky Man N02:- Sung song Dec 3rdUnder title 'Lucky Man'Girl in my Arms No11:- Sung song Along came a Woman No9:- Sung song I'm A fool No10:- Sung Song 26th JanHooked No12:- Under Mountain Music Feb 18th 2008In My dreams No 14 Under A Bad Goodbye Feb 24thDream Girl No 15 Under A Bad Goodbye Feb 25thDream Girl(alternate version) Under A BAd Goodbye..March 5thWe'll Miss You So(In memoriam ,Michelle)Under A Bad Goodbye..March 11th <embed src="