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RainBoKatchr's real name is David Palmer. David is 62 years old, is located in Oregon / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 23, 2018. He has a total of 287 public recordings that have been viewed 17,737 times and 380 achievement points.

Information Written by RainBoKatchr 63

I love classic heavy metal.....Iron Maiden and Bruce Dickinson (my favorite artist), Ronnie James Dio (from which I got my handle of RainBoKatchr, as he was often singing about rainbows and catching them), Metallica, Dream Theater, Ozzy Osbourne, Dokken, Judas Priest, Type O Negative, Alice in Chains, etc.....but also lighter stuff like Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, Al Stewart, The Moody Blues, The Beatles, etc, etc!

However, I have only been singing for a short while, and it was a hobby I took up rather late in my adult life, I never sang at all until five years ago, at age 57. I had previously thought about doing it, but the problem was that I was so terrible at singing, that I wasn't willing to do the practice needed to get better, not when family members would have to overhear me. But then a very unfortunate thing happened, my mother suddenly died down in California (I live in Oregon), and I was tasked with getting her house and property ready for sale. And it required me to make many solo trips down there, over a span of a year and a half, and it was a 12 hour drive each way. And to stay awake at the wheel, I took up singing to tapes that I would play. And I gradually got better, such that when the job was finally done, I was no longer embarrassed to be heard, and even wanted to show off my new-found abilities.....and even though I had never had any formal vocal training, I took up the hobby with the intent of eventually putting up vocal covers on youtube. However, with my comparative lack of tech know-how, I think it would have been a case of my reach exceeding my grasp. But then I found SingSnap, when I was online looking for some sort of karaoke group, and it has very quickly become my "drug of choice," as my wife puts it!