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purplentealLEVEL 62


Just starting the new year with hope for a better America!

purplenteal is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 2, 2010. She has a total of 1,882 public recordings that have been viewed 162,867 times and 372 achievement points.

Love the little things in life...the beauty of the flowers. I just need to stop and smell them a few more times along the way! We tend to take so many things for granted these days.

I've never sang throughout my life, except when I was younger at church on Sundays with my mom, sisters & brother. Some people write that "this is their first time trying a song"....I smile, because almost EVERY song is my first attempt! I have no idea how it will come out once I try, or sometimes why I put it out there....but I do it because it's fun!! I never even sang with the radio on in the car, for fear I'd screw it up, and an ex-boyfriend wouldn't even let me have a radio on all the years I was with him. .. karaoke (in front of people just seems too scary to me)! I witnessed people laugh at other people, and never wanted the humiliation...and I was always too embarrassed, never knowing what would come out (can't go back and re-record)! Maybe I'll admit to at least whistling in the shower (LOL)!!! People on singsnap make you feel welcome and share their styles their way...I am loving it. There is so much talent here...I just wish I had more time!

I recently got married to Phil on 6/15/13 and am very happy. I'm not looking for any relationships, other than friendships and people to sing with! I try to have fun, and if my comments ever offend anyone, please let me know...I tend to get carried away sometimes joking around! Please feel free to join in anytime...I'm always honored should you decide to sing with me! Life it too short, and I consider this site a family of singers! Thank you for coming by...looking forward to meeting you!