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Proud2bhungarianLEVEL 42


Proud2bhungarian's real name is Dora Toth. Dora is 55 years old, is located in Quebec / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since January 9, 2016. She has a total of 10 public recordings that have been viewed 481 times and 228 achievement points.

Hello friends worldwide, I'm a proud mom of three fine hardworking young men, I am not a professional singer, I have just always enjoyed singing since I was a young girl, I just started singing again when I discovered singsnap:).. I also started going to karaoke bars it's been just the past year, I enjoy it immensely although I suffer stage I enjoy my time here on SS very much and find its a great stress reliever as well as a great place to meet new friends and I have met several wonderful people from all around the world which is fantastic! My music preference is Rock and some Pop as well as Jazz and Blues, although I do not have the voice to sing them all, I do not use any recording enhancing equipment, solely my earbuds and iPhone:), my voice is not what it used to be as I have no thyroid and that affects very much my vocal range but I try my best and most times am very proud of my recordings, some could use some work but hey we are human and not perfect! I wish peace on earth and blessings to all!! Thank you for visiting my page and listening to my recordings, I do hope you find some you enjoy

photo credit: Daniele Zanni via photopin cc