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private1 is located in Slovenia and has been a SingSnap member since July 8, 2014. She has a total of 126 public recordings that have been viewed 6,900 times and 177 achievement points.

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I started singing to my granny when i was little, little girl... Then i continued in bathroom lol ...anyway, when i was 14 i learned guitar and later piano.
I was born a dreamer and will forever be...
When I sing I'm above the Earth with my feet. Music is under my skin, in my vanes and yes, silly but - sing with tearly eyes ..smiles... I just feel music so much! All my life my biggest dream was to become a singer and I never got there. I had chances when I was very young but as all other parents mine were worried too for me and how will I find myself through life without drugs and other crazy things.

Today I regret I haven't got enough strength to go on singing route anyway. But I'm happy I found this site now and you my friends! And now at least here I can enjoy my singing and every day I learn more... it's simply amazing!
Thanks to all of you who take time to listen my singing and to write your comments which I appreciate so much and they always mean a lot!