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prezleyLEVEL 86


Got both doses of vaccine, let's all hope & pray we get back to normal

prezley's real name is Wes Uptergrove. Wes is 71 years old, is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 5, 2007. He has a total of 6,465 public recordings that have been viewed 363,716 times and 602 achievement points.

All i can say is I love music, it's always been a major part and source of happiness in
my life.
I never sang in public until 20 years ago when i went to my first karaoke bar..I was


I have gone from too shy to sing, to singing in a band, and singing in public

venues. I know i am not that good of of a singer, but i give it all I have, and people

seem to appreciate that.

I cannot read music, or play an instrument..which is odd because I have been

surrounded by music for many years ..being in a band was one of the high points

of my life

I hope many of you will stop by and listen in and give me honest critique and

comments. I won't learn or improve with stars or false applause..but I accept pity


I am active in community, and a member of Rotary International, and I am past

president of my local club. I ride a Harley Davidson Ultra Glide and enjoy friends

and family foremost....And I love to travel! I am a veteran of the Vietnam era.

OH! and I am a Bigfoot Investigator, I am associated with the group BFRO, that

you see on the Animal Planet TV show... I go on treks to locate and document

evidence. or de-bunk false stories.... Do I think "BigFoot "exists?? you can bet

money on it, and time will prove that fact very soon

I had a heart attack on Dec.09 and a quad by-pass and although it was life-

threatening experience, it encouraged me to change my diet, lifestyle, drinking,

eating , weight, and religious beliefs, I feel like a million dollars!

I don't get a lot of visits to my songs but believe me when i say i appreciate each

and every person who drops by to say hi

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