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PJzJstHvnFun's real name is Pammie XXXXX. Pammie is 59 years old, is located in Tennessee / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 8, 2008. She has a total of 1,635 public recordings that have been viewed 96,067 times and 11 achievement points.

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hi y'all i am from the great state of Tennessee originally from West Virginia and i am just here to have fun, I am not here to (hook up) with anybody and i want NO PART OF YOUR FRIGGIN DRAMA so PLEASE leave me out of it .. i am not a professional but i am having fun trying to sing lol, I Hope you enjoy my singing as i am sure i will enjoy yours..
I have met some wonderful people on sing snap some i am proud to call my friends..

This is for the person AND OR persons doing the deraiting on my song's... you can take those raitings from me thats no biggie..What you can't take from me is the enjoyment i get when i do sing and when i listen to my friends sing on here, The comment's i get speak for themself.. Sing Snap is here for the ones who have the COURAGE to sing and for us to have FUN!!! and thats exactly what i am going to continue doing... What a shame your life is so lacking and so empty that you have to sit on a computer day and night for the sole purpose of doing evil...And since your life is so dull and empty and all you have is to sit on here lowering raitings by all mean's knock your self least l know l am helping some poor unfortunate to bring a little sunshine into your sad pathetic life keep hitting that 1 and watch them go down.... and please do keep running my veiws up you are only making me more popular Have a Good Day :o)
ooops was updating my profile and accidently deleted my guest book player PLEASE sign before you leave... :o)



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