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Performa01 is located in Austria and has been a SingSnap member since July 1, 2009. He has a total of 126 public recordings that have been viewed 14,781 times and 74 achievement points.

Information Written by Performa01 15

In fact, I'm an engineer, not a musician. I love music, especially ballads, but basically every kind of music that transports human feelings, be it love, happyness, pain or sadness - but not aggression or hate.

When I stumbled upon SingSnap by chance, I was immediately reminded at those days in the early 80ies, where I used to have fun with (more or less) talented girls in my home studio, recorded them singing to records of pop groups like ABBA or producing our own playback tracks using guitars and keyboard.So I had to handle the technical aspects in the first instance, but also assisted my girls as a backing/duet partner from time to time.

I am here mainly to enjoy listening to people who have fun by singing their favourite tunes, but might as well be tempted to try a song myself.

UPDATE: Obviously I've been tempted quite often
I've never sung solo/lead before joining SingSnap, so I'm still developing my style and exploring the properties and limits of my voice. Well, I'll never be a great singer, but I do my best and think that I can still improve. Much more importantly, I've come across some really awesome performers and - even better yet - met a lot of nice people and even some true friends.
SingSnap is just great!