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oakley38LEVEL 73


oakley38's real name is Ron Armstrong. Ron is 82 years old, is located in Idaho / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 10, 2012. He has a total of 2,162 public recordings that have been viewed 58,204 times and 457 achievement points.

I live outside a small town in south eastern Idaho at the base of the mountains. Peaceful and quite here. Lots of wild life to watch and listen to. There is a river that runs close by that attracts ducks, geese, cranes. Morning Doves, Pheasants and just all kinds of birds. During the winter and early spring I see Deer feeding in my pasture and yard. I see a few Elk once in a while. I've seen Mountain Lions, Bob Cats, Rabbits, a few Skunks and Rock Chucks. In the spring and Fall you see Cowboys driving their cattle to and from the summer pastures. Your car or pickup might hit a cowpie here and there if your not careful, No big deal. The traffic consists of some cars morning and evening and a lot of pickups pulling horse trailers through the day. No busy city sounds of cars and trucks honking their horns and all the commotion. Best of all you don't see gangs and thugs running the streets. During the summer you hear tractors in the hay fields getting their hay in for the winter. The nights are so quite you can hear the grass grow, haha. It is really quite and there is so many stars you wouldn't believe it, no city lights to hide them. The only thing is there is a railroad track runs down the valley so we hear and see trains. The animals in the fields buy the track don't let it bother them so I am use to it. Sometime late at night or early morning it's kinda neat to hear a train whistle in the distance. One thing I don't like is some of the city folks are building houses out here. I hate to see it crowded like the city. I'm glad I have enough land around me so they can't build to close. I have some pastures that I keep horses on in the summer to keep the grass down. I love it here and don't think I'll be moving. To all my friends here on SingSnap I say God bless you and keep singing. Singing is good for the soul, I know, it's helped me alot.