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NordicLadyLEVEL 92


NordicLady is 64 years old, is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 14, 2018. She has a total of 841 public recordings that have been viewed 33,934 times and 725 achievement points.

Hi, I'm Connie. Welcome to my Profile Page! Please feel free to join me on any song, no need to ask. My interest with SingSnap is to SING and enjoy a community of others who also like to SING.

I'm married, have four grown children and three grandchildren. My oldest son, NordicSun has an account and sings too! Besides singing, I like to travel and do gardening. My husband and I are retired.

In my teens, I sang alto in the a cappella choir, church youth choir, and in small groups. After high school, I was just too busy for singing and didn't sing for decades. Since 2000, I served as song leader for a children's church group for nine years and sang in the choir once in a while. Discovered SingSnap in 2018 and now I'm like...almost famous like everyone else on SingSnap, and that's a lot of fun!