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nittygritty1962 is 59 years old, is located in Nova Scotia / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since March 11, 2008. She has a total of 41 public recordings that have been viewed 3,968 times and 240 achievement points.

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Hi-Im 58 ...I set up trade shows /D├ęcor and live in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia..I love to sing..write songs..paint..jam with the outdoors and much more!I am married..have 2 kids..... 3 grandkids. I love to listen to all the gifted singers here.... When I was 4 years old my uncle Buddy ..moms brother, would get me to sing" Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.".he was a musician.. played a few instruments...he knew I had singing ability so he would record I got older I would sing country tunes..& duets with him..a few times I sang with him on stage during variety shows in the community..I would of been 10-12 ..he taught me how to play guitar at 12 or so..I never really mastered that my brother James Bond (Jim)plays the bass well..records at his home studio..many CDS out and has been playing years with bands...he is a graphic artist with his home business signs & graphic design......just did not have the full interest..singing was my true I got older..poprock..disco ...rock ...blues...became my influences.I loved to dance and sing to them also the oldies still were fun to sing as well! My mom sang around the house throughout the years..she sang in the church choir and could yodel well!My nanny and granddad both had vocal abilities and would be singing quite a lot around their Uncle Buddy and his sister my aunt Marion sang in shows..also their brother Sonny could sing and play harmonica..he and Buddy still play at shows today..Buddy has been in bands and has CD's out.His son Wendell was in a band years back"Spinney Brothers" that travelled the states he can play many instruments and sing well..( dads side his brother Virgil sang and played guitar..his daughter and son both sang as coming from a musical family and having that passion and love for music is a gift I have and treasure..happy singing everyone HUGSSS
The picture above is my uncle Buddy and I he was a great influence and spent ample time listening to me..sharing his love for music me confidence.he always liked to practise..when something was not quite right it would be done over again and again..this still stands true for me today..I will sing the song over and over here... until I think its good enough then I save and send out to you all!