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NeomaW5033 is located in North Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 14, 2018. She has a total of 547 public recordings that have been viewed 8,850 times and 258 achievement points.

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I thought I would take this day to tell a little about myself. I am a coal miner's daughter. Born in a small WVa town. I lived there until I was ten yrs old. Dad moved us to Baltimore Md. when the mine closed down. Guess that makes me a hillbilly Yankee. After several years there I moved to NC. This is known as the Tarheel State. I have put my roots down here, hopefully till I die. One of the nicest comments I have had so far is that I have a country sound, I am a country girl to the bone. I am just me, no-frills. My "studio" is where I decide to sing. Maybe the kitchen table, or my favorite chair in my living room. My page is not fancy or my picture retouched in any way. I am what I am. I dislike deception in any form. I sing with my laptop and a headset with a microphone. My first love is southern gospel music, I love singing about my Lord and Savior. My second love is country music. Yes don't misunderstand, I sing about it but it's life. I've had a broken heart, been cheated on. I have loved and lost before, so these songs mean something to me. I never drowned my misery in booze, don't care for the taste. I am absolutely a coffee lover though. Now I want to say to all of you who have viewed or commented on my recordings, I never expected all those awesome things you have said about my singing. I just thought I would be singing and nobody would pay attention, there are so many awesome people with so much talent on here. I have never sung in public, only a few close friends and my family. I have only shared a few on facebook once in a while, never entered a contest, or put myself out there. Some have asked about my marital status. I have been divorced twice, alone now for 26 yrs. Next , my age. Well, honey, I am smack in the middle of, OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER, TO YOUNG TO CARE. LOVE and a GREAT BIG HUG to ALL Of YOU WONDERFUL SINGSNAP FRIENDS, NEOMA