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mz_liz4250 is located in Australia and has been a SingSnap member since March 26, 2009. She has a total of 453 public recordings that have been viewed 17,598 times and 394 achievement points.

I lost my husband to Cancer December 2016 and found it hard being alone to look after a large house and garden. The years creep up on us and suddenly i felt old. Time waits for no man or woman. After much thought and advise from my children I made the decision to downsize. My daughter wanted me to come live up the central coast near her so she began looking at villa's for sale for me and found a three bedroom villa which i bought and living in now and it is not too far away from where she lives, actually it is just across the water but unless I swim across (which is unlikely haha) and I don't have a boat so it takes me 23 minutes to drive around the Brisbane Waters to her place but a very pleasant drive. It's taken me a while to fix up the house the way I want it and get used to a smaller place but the island I am on is very pretty and just at the end of my street about 200 metres is the waterfront. So my move was a good one in that respect as I love driving down that bridge unto my little island in the sun which only has just over 1000 residents on it and a close knit community with our own island committee and island news sheet which is delivered into our mail boxes monthly. There is always something happening, either a sunset sip on the waterfront with free bubbly or a dine out with other islanders at a local restaurant. We don't have any shops or pubs on the island but only a few minutes drive away are many nice beaches and entertainment. I love singing on Sing Snap and making friends here, always nice to listen to everyone and to the excellent singers here. Even people like me who just love singing and get pleasure like me out of doing this. It's a lonely life living alone and i'm sure many people here will relate to why it is so important to have something to enjoy at our leisure. I try to return visits to all who are kind enough to leave a comment on my songs. Have a nice day everyone and I look forward to visiting your pages.
Liz x