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msmellowspiceACHIEVEMENT LEVEL 48

msmellowspice's real name is Venice .... Venice is located in Washington / USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 6, 2007. She has a total of 597 public recordings that have been viewed 35,502 times and 269 achievement points.

I'll occasionally post something to YouTube.

For any Macintosh users for whom this might be helpful: I use a Mac Mini with Audio Hijack Pro (the unregistered version — I just sing songs shorter than 10 minutes long) and a $20 Logitech USB karaoke mic. It took some learnin', but I think I have it.

Also half my songs disappeared in the Licensing Purge of 2008. And I'm slowly whittling away my back catalog. But that merely reminds me of the impermanence of life.