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mouser2you is located in Arizona / USA and has been a SingSnap member since July 10, 2009. She has a total of 116 public recordings that have been viewed 6,554 times and 292 achievement points.

Hi, I wanted to update: My husband often comes to sing on my page and I love when he does so please don't be surprised when you hear a deep male voice coming out of the squeaky Mouse's songs. Enjoy and always have fun!

I have learned - If you can't laugh at yourself what is the point in living? Because Someone Somewhere is gonna laugh at you and if you laugh first.... You beat them to it!! Then all is good...

Hi. I sing songs for fun. Hope you enjoy anything you hear. I sing to de-stress so... Some may be full of giggles, some may be full of tears and some may make ya wanna run for the hills, but all are done with my heart... I don't have a very strong voice, but... I figure that doesn't matter if you do it with your heart. May you always find something that will move your heart. Always keep your eyes on God... He will never forsake or leave us! Praises to our God in Heaven above! Though I am a sinner, HE Loves me still... He has Amazing Grace!

May you always be blessed with a smile or a giggle and a blessings from God.


Update in my life since I've been gone forever. Married my best friend in 2010 and doing great. My great Mom passed away in January 8, 2014 so now she singing with me from Heaven. My Dad went up to join her in December 8, 2018. Loving life and moving forward... All My Love

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