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Motown_Cowboy's real name is Mike Of Guntersville,AL. Mike is located in Alabama / USA and has been a SingSnap member since May 31, 2009. He has a total of 50 public recordings that have been viewed 5,382 times and 324 achievement points.

..................Me?...i'm just an old semi-retired building contractor from Alabama, and a transplanted hillbilly from Kentucky. A huge love of mine....... I live a rocks throw from Lake Guntersville with my sweet lil wifey from India,.... Sujata,.....and spend many hours fishin the lake with my basset hound, Molly Faye. She usually outfishes me . My music heart lies within R&B, Soul, Blues, and my sincere appreciation specifically of Motown music. I sang in an R&B group for a while, many years back . My favorite singers are Eddie Kendricks (Rest In Peace my brother), former lead singer of the Temptations, David Ruffin (Rest In Peace Ruff), former lead singer of the Temptations.......(i had the opportunity in the early 70's of meeting all of the Temps).........and country singer George Strait........quite a switch, huh?????? Thus came the name Motown Cowboy. In the early 70's, i was a DJ for an R&B station, with the DJ name "ChuckyT", one of the most fun things i've done in my life, and I would do it now if the opportunity presented itself. When i began singin online many,many years ago on the Ksolo site, i felt that inside craving to sing again.......and it felt great. I am so very Blessed to have met so many wonderful folks with the same interests as myself in music, while singing these last years online.......and many of them have been friends for many years now, and actually i consider them family. I humble myself, and give a sincere thanks to all of you i have crossed paths with.......and I continue to meet new friends almost everyday. I feel music lovers are a class in themselves, and i love being one of them.....we seem to truly understand and appreciate one another. And wow!!!! meeting folks from all over the world is awesome, and it makes the world such a better place, being a part of so many lives, from so many countries.......yet, all with the same common interests.....we have genuine wholesome relationships, that eliminate any, and all prejudice of all our sisters and brothers thruout Gods land.......i love all of you.....and look forward to many more years of singing, and mostly of friendships.