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MissLisssaLEVEL 28


MissLisssa's real name is Melissa Patton. Melissa is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since June 26, 2009. She has a total of 2,098 public recordings that have been viewed 66,547 times and 143 achievement points.

I don't always find the time to get on here and sing, but I love to listen to others every chance I get. My first love has always been music. I am from IN. I am a Mother, Daughter, Sister, Grandmother, Wife, Friend. And love to hear from others with Great talent and the love of music. Enjoy today for it is a gift, and there is nothing like the present to sing from your heart and soul.

Many people recently have sent me private messages and I love every one of them. They want to know why I am not on here more. So I thought I would share some personal information with you to better understand my situation, and know that I love all of my singsnap friends and wish I could sing more often.

I am raising 5yr old twins, both have a disability, one has Cerebral Palsy and the other has Autism, not to mention I am also raising a teenage boy, they are my world so my "ME" time is very limited, I also struggle with asthma and COPD so that as well makes it difficult for me to sing sometimes but singing is my passion and I will not let anything stop me. Life may slow me down but never stop me!! Again I want to thank you all for the love!