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MaryMac has been a SingSnap member since October 23, 2007. MaryMac has a total of 257 public recordings that have been viewed 8,410 times and 593 achievement points.

Happy Thanksgiving to all
I am Thankful not only today for all the voices I've come to know and love.....
I am Thankful for all the personality we can convey and to have gotten to know you
thru this venue.....thanks to Singsnap for all the years of pure Joy~~~

well I just found me a new song that was Born Today..... I LOVE it

some interesting reading during the Pandemic

To everyone : Just want you to know that your presence virtually in my life has been and always will be very special and meaningful to me.....We come together for a reason or a season and everyone's memory lives in me.....I miss you when you aren't here singing and I know you all have your lives to lead.... Hope everyone stays well thru this global crisis ......sending caring vibes to all corners and my love goes to all my SS family.....
I love you

Hi .......I want to really Thank you .....from the bottom of my heart.....for stopping into my studio for a listen~~~taking time to pick a song and comment...means the world to me
there are many songs here...there were many more...but each year I think I'm gonna only save my 100 songs and be on my way....since 2008....when I heard my Cyber Uncle singing one of my favorite songs....I've been hooked and stay.... delete songs.... record them over...sing with people ....I delete most of those songs too .....then sing again with the same people...maybe a different song....It's like I have no problem with this .....except for my 100 songs I will save forever....sometimes I change it up....The delete button is my friend....I know I've deleted many people's comments when I delete a song....and that I don't like...wish I could save them somewhere else...but life does go moves ...never stays the same....and I am glad I get to play in my studio and join some of my long time favorites here in theirs....
I have really grown fond of all of your voices....and sometimes I reach out to new voices that I get to hear for the first time.....sorry if I don't get back to you for a while....when I listen to a playlist and your song is there....I will sometimes stop in and comment again....Miss some of the friends I've made here....they either have moved on crossed over or tuned out but ....I Loved listening to you all....and enjoyed our time together....
Peace to all
Love to all
to all ~~~may your songs be heard and may all you hold in your heart become a song~~~

My Dear grandson singing from his heart....