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Marylu is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 18, 2007. She has a total of 82 public recordings that have been viewed 3,850 times.

Wife, Mother, Grandmother of 8 beautiful grandchildren...ages 11-26.
Grade school age, high school age, college graduate age and career working ages. Each are a delight and a treasure of their own to me!

I am one of 7 siblings......6 sisters and 1 brother. Each wonderful human beings. I love them dearly each for their own reasons. We still to this day at our age treasure each others company more than I can say. Mom and Dad were perfect examples of what life and love is about. They were love in action, showed each other the deepest of respect and honored each other always. Their gift of Faith to us has been the greatest inheritance in life that they left us. I miss them every day!!

Retired a year ago, Seamstress, Floral Designer, Business Owner (still ongoing), 22 1/2 years of Military Life and full of life experiences just as the rest of you are! *Smile*

We've lived in nine of our Great USA States and moved 29 times. You have to love the military life! LOL No grass grows under our feet for sure!

It was a difficult life but I wouldn't change the experiences as they are in my book of life. Each of us has our own book that we write as we live day by day.
Trust what you see in person, forget the gossip of little minds, trust in God's power to set the world right. Enjoy those people and things in which you find pleasure. One persons cup of tea isn't necessarily the others, and it's OK. Life is diversified. If we were all the same what a boring world it would be! Delight in a new born baby and show pride as they spread their wings and fly. That's what we raised them to do. Embrace the grandchildren as we are the generation they cling to also for wonderful times and memories in the book of their life!

I could go on and on but's all been said prior.................each day you awake enjoy and make it a good one! We never know when our train ticket is up and the conductor of life is the only one with that secret! Be kind to others in your daily life. If they do not return it, that is their issue, not yours. If some one hurts your feeling, be kinder to them yet again as their bad day doesn't mean it's your bad day. Say a prayer for them! Their burden may be more difficult than we realize.

My Dearest Friend Jack and I have sung many duets and songs over the past almost 13 years, and they can be found at the link below.............if you care to pop over there and view more we would truly enjoy having you listen. Good songs, good fun and good companionship for a long long while. Thank you and God bless...........Do hop on over if you care to hear some of our songs...........he is an excellent songster and vocalist! Our Joint Site Is listed right down here.........below!!!