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MarkE's real name is Mark Ehrlich. Mark has been a SingSnap member since November 16, 2010. Mark has a total of 1,254 public recordings that have been viewed 131,501 times and 475 achievement points.

Hi - I love to sing, always have, always will. Played electric bass and sang in bands from the late 70s through mid 90s.

This site is a dream-come-true for me - there is no need to travel, lug large, heavy equipment around, perform at ear-splitting volume, suffocate from second hand smoke, deal with drunks, and come home at 4 in the morning.

Instead, I sit down, search for a song I'd like to sing, choose the key (YES!) and record. What could be better? Life is GOOD!

I'm slightly addicted to all the fun here at SS, and my wife and kids think I am nuts to sit around with headphones on and sing. I gotta say it must sound a bit weird just hearing me sing without hearing the backup tracks that I'm singing to!

This is such a terrific community of music lovers that support each other's obsessions, most often with great kindness and sensitivity (thanks, peeps!). With so many worse addictions out there, we're lucky to have chosen one that costs little and gives SO much...enjoy!