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Mark_Music is located in Louisiana / USA and has been a SingSnap member since July 1, 2009. He has a total of 481 public recordings that have been viewed 12,792 times and 370 achievement points.


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This is one of my poems titled:
If Tomorrow Never Comes
If tomorrow never comes and today slips you by.
Would it mean anything much to the people in your life?
If a dream had come true but was too late to live.
Would it still give you the happiness you thought it would give?
All the hallowed out moments so few as they seem.
Compiled in one place is now a mountain extreme.
The smooth flow of existence can catch you off guard.
So shake off all the pettiness and woes that come forward.
Time never stands still yet the clocks face may crack.
Often you may feel yourself under attack.
Grasp hold of each second and get on the right track.
For this is your life that you can never get back.
It flows drifting on forever though someday it will end.
Grab hold hang on tight and fulfill it my friend.

Written by: M.S. July 20,2015

These are my lyrics to a song I had written and was going to enter into an American Idol songwriting contest. Unfortunately I was unable to write the sheet music for the song and It was never entered into the contest.

lyrics written by me and titled:

A Star To Be

Set aside your worries for today's your day to shine
Create the mold and break the ice of a masterpiece divine
Release desire from deep inside that's drawn you here tonight
And echo through all the heavens as you sparkle in their light
bestow upon your listeners a sweet harmony to hear
A rhythmic tone of appeasing words that draws your fan club near
You know you've got it locked inside you for you must let it out today
and hypnotize your listeners to feel what your singing voice will say
You know that your a superstar a diamond in the rough
Give all your holding nothing back the competitions tough
Fate chose for you to be here yet fates destiny's close kin
It was not haste nor sacrifice an opportunity to win
puzzles in my mind and allegations in my head
do what you can while your alive that you can't do while your dead
good luck may never find you and heavens still just a prayer away
born to sing and grown to perform so seize the moment of your every day
A mountains never high enough until your peering down below
Of all the world you left behind to reach a peaks plateau
The starry skies of a tender night and the sunniness of a brighter day
Ignite the lyrics of the song you sing when the music starts to play
Draw down all the curtains as the shows about to end
And brace yourself for what might end or what may not have been
A final end to a strong performance I knew it had to end some way
I thank you all for everything now my tomorrow is a brighter day

I have written many other poems, songs, and parities including a Christmas song in 1997. Perhaps one or more of my songs may hit the music world one day... but then again... sigh.

Thank you for visiting my page and my recordings. Perhaps we could sing a song together soon? Have a marvelous everyday! ~Mark