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Maggie_Len has been a SingSnap member since December 24, 2007. She has a total of 69 public recordings that have been viewed 9,690 times.

When I’m Sad, I just Sing…and then I Realize

my Voice is Worse than my Problems…nyah hahaha!!!

*Singing is my Passion* and *Music is my Therapy*

I don’t sing for my songs to be Featured, or to Aim to be on HOF, or to Draw listeners

and to Impress anyone, or for anyone to post comments back when I comment on them, but to

Enjoy Each and Every Song with everybody...Each Song with Each Special Memories to Cherish...

the *Fun* the *Smiles* the *Laughter* the *Joy* and even the *Tears*

~ Maggie_Len ~

In Life, we will Realize that the People we meet has a Purpose...

some were put there to Test us, some would Use us, and some would Bring Out

the Better if not the Best in us...some May even Cause us Pain and Heartaches...and

when Hurt, Nothing we Should Do but to Let Go, and Must always Learn to Forget, and

Move on, and Heal...with *No Bitterness at all in our Hearts*

~ Anonymous ~

There Are Times When I Wish I Am Limited To Certain Emotions...

So that I’ll never have to experience Pain, Never feel Betrayed, or Disappointed...

And never get my Fragile Heart Broken

~ Anonymous ~