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Todays a good day 'for me anyhow'!

madreemee is located in British Columbia / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since January 13, 2009. She has no public recordings.

PEACE!! ...This is me & to each their own! My pet name is Renee'! I am an Agnostic (non religiouse, not a christian not a moslem ete,etc,etc)! As well I am an Enviromentalist Vegetarian and my political party is the GREEN party of B.C! married once because he wanted it divorced because I wanted it,,, I don't believe in chains so I remain single! I don't wear or use Chemicals because I want to protect Nature and animals! I am not a material girl and use my money to buy land not much into materialism, I like being out in nature and trying to keep fit and healthy! I listen to a lot of singers here every day, honestly I don't like the flag waving for one but not for the other so I don't leave many comments or many loves and I chose to not take any as well TY!