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I figured I should fill this out now that i am addicted to this site. I originally came on here to sing some songs for my 90 year old dad who is in the late stages of Alzheimer's. I have been taking care of him for the past 8 years and he doesn't understand much anymore, so the t.v. is no longer a form of entertainment for him. The one thing he has held on to though is his love for music. My mom who passed away 8 years ago was a beautiful singer and some say (not my siblings though) I was lucky enough to get my singing from her (though she was much better). DAD has always been my biggest fan and from what I can see by his smile when I sing to him , he still is. This site continues to amaze me with the amount of talent there is here. Not only the talent but the feeling of family, of fun, and a place to unwind and sing to our hearts content without anyone telling you to shut up,lol (my siblings)! I thank all of you involved with this wonderful place for helping me to keep dad entertained.

UPDATE:On 04/07/2017 after a very long battle with Alzheimer/Dementia, my dad Lorin Gardener Jones passed away in his sleep , in his own home, with family and friends by his side and Frank Sinatra playing in the back round. He was a wonderful,kind,fun, loving, person who was the life of every party and I will miss him forever. Yes I took care of him for the past 9 years, but actually, he took care of me. I learned so much from him in those years , things him and my mom tried to teach me while I was growing up but too stubborn to pay attention. Things that he learned in his later years that I never Knew. He helped me to become a better person today. I will cherish the time I had with him always and I will sing like he's always listening.

Up date 07/26/2018
Well dad's been gone a little over a year now and I have adjusted to my new life. Got me a 1966 fireball travel trailer in pretty much mint condition, and a 1968 pop up that I am restoring. The reason for 2 is I love going down to Mexico , Puerto Penasco and San Felipe. I like taking the pop up down there because I don't have to worry about it and it is much cooler. So far I have been down to Mexico a couple times with my friend Mario where I love to go clamming. I swear I can do that 7/24 then come back and have them either steamed, on the half shell with lemon and hot sauce or I make a mean linguine with red clam sauce. Then last month we took the fireball and went up the California coast, all the way to Bodega Bay and back it was wonderful. I also picked up a new hobby along the way.....Fishing! I absolutely LOVE it. I have only caught Mackerel so far , but I am working my way up to the bigger ones lol. I only have one problem I miss SS when I am gone. The first thing I do when I come back is go to this web site. I started visiting the Chat room and I am addicted, everyone in there is so much fun and the talent is unbelievable. I love everything about this site and again want to thank everyone involved in making this the best web sit ever. I've added some pics, Mom and Dad my son Bobby and his wife. till next update