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LoriH8186 is 56 years old, is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 27, 2013. She has a total of 4 public recordings that have been viewed 320 times and 143 achievement points.

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Hi everyone!
I'm 50 years old and I live in Dunedin Florida USA. I'm originally from Macungie Pa and have lived in Virginia Beach Va also. Now I live 3 blocks from the Gulf of Mexico and my Husband Michael and I enjoy paradise here in Dunedin very much. I have two rescued Italian Greyhounds named Vincent Rocket and Gino Bagadonuts, both are 6 years old and are my only children LOL!

Vincent has his own blog where he writes about his adventures and helps raise money to help Italian Greyhounds in rescues all over the USA. Both Gino and Vincent also have their own twitter accounts where they have many friends. We use twitter as a platform to raise money for animals in need also. They are very social boy's LOL!

I am a stay at home mom to both my Italian Greyhounds and I run a small custom made candle shop on Etsy called Captive Essence. I have been an artist my whole life and spend most of my day making candles and painting. My family all lives up north so social media is very important to me. I have met some beautiful friends on social media, friends I have actually traveled to meet in person.

I joined SS less than a year ago and I really love it! I have made some lovely friends and met some absolutely amazing talent. I always liked to sing. Singing was a good escape for me. Eight years ago I had spinal fusion surgery in my neck and had lost my voice for a long time. I couldn't sing a note, it took me a long time and many months of practice to be able to just be at where I am today. I try to sing everyday when I have time. My husband of 14 years tells me I have a big mouth, LOL! I'm glad, it's better than the gravel manly voice I had for many years.

I have quite a few other health problems that keep me from being able to work a regular job, but I am very happy and when I'm feeling well I am enjoying life to the fullest!!!
I love you all! God Bless,
I am Honored to be here on SS.
Lori Hoch-Large