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Lonestarpenny is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 20, 2010. She has a total of 1,888 public recordings that have been viewed 124,242 times and 345 achievement points.

Information Written by Lonestarpenny 58

Welcome to My Studio. I Hope All That Come Here Feel Welcome, And At Home. Pull Up A Chair And Sit Awhile.
------ I Am Lonestarpenny. As You Can See By By Moniker, I Am A Texan, And Love My State. I Am Very Happily married For Over 25 Years. We Live near The Big Thicket Area Of The Piney Woods Of East Texas. My Grand Parents On My Dads Side Helped To Settle The Polk county Area Of The Big Thicket. Life Has Come Full Circle With us Living About 16 Miles From Where The Old Home Place Was.
----- I Love To Sing. Never Did It Professionally, But Did Occasionally Get Up And Sing A Song With Friends That Had Bands. I Grew Up Singing In The Choir At Church. Also Listened To Country And Western growing up as well as Southern rock, soul and many other genres. You will find, if you scroll through my recordings, that my taste runs the gambit of genres. I don't fit into any box, but if I had to choose only one genre, it would be bluegrass/ country.
------ I also have always loved to dance. I was a twirler in band, in high school, and also played the flute (haven't picked it up since, kind of regret that.) My love of dancing had followed me my whole life. I am now part of a line dance group. We have about 45 members. It is truly a lot of fun.
---- I enjoy swimming, being outdoors In The Cool Months, road trips, writing poetry, cooking, Photography,and many other activities.
------ My husband and I also sometimes dress up as reenacters in our 1880s duds. Our favorite place ( next to Texas) is Tombstone, AZ. We have many friends there and have vacationed a lot there over the years. Most of our vacations take us to historical places of the old west.