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lonelycajun is located in Mississippi / USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 21, 2011. He has a total of 532 public recordings that have been viewed 37,884 times and 244 achievement points.

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I am a tugboat captain that likes to sing and play my guitar
I've been a captain since i was 24 years old,i push barges on the icww from Brownsville Texas to St.Marks Fla.I've been up the Miss.river to wood river ill.been up the Ohio to Cincinnati.,been up the Chattanooga,been up the Arkansas river to Catoosa Oklahoma,been up the Cumberland river to Nashville Tenn.,been up the Tombigbee river to meet up with Tenn.river,Ive been off shore on a 300 ton supply boat.I hold a 500 ton masters near coastal with an unlimited radar endorsement plus a master of towing license issued by the U.S.coastguard,plus a tankerman's ticket to load and pump barges.And it all started when i was 15 years old and worked on a shrimp boat in Delcambre .But its a family tradition,my grandfather was a boat builder my Dad was one of best captains that ever lived,so it should be no surprise that me and my brothers Captain Neal and Captain Kenneth are also great Captains Neal is retired now but he held the biggest license his was a 1600 ton masters plus everything else,he could never let his Little brothers out do him lol and i am proud of both of them.
Maybe I should have explained this years ago when I first came to SS !!
I have met and listen to some of the best singers in the world on here,and have enjoyed it to no end and still do!!
But working on a boat and trying to get on here and try to sing a song or to listen To a song is a little complicated most of the time...because of the work and lifestyle that Ive been living for the past 40 years!!
To begin with I ride this boat from anywhere up to 2 weeks and rode up to 5 weeks at a time! Now when I am underway I never ever get on my laptop for any reason and you can understand why for sure! And sometime I am on a voyage up to 1600 mile round trip...But sometime I am on a short voyage and can get there in a day or two..sometimes weeks at a time!! Now with that being said...when we get stand by waiting in a fleet for dock space or orders then I have time to get on here...but on this boat we have 2 crews and work 24 hrs. a day...each crew works 6 hr. I am on from 12noon till 1800 and from midnight till 0600 ...ever tried to live your life 6 hrs. at a time ? and that time includes...taking a shower,getting something to eat and sleep..them 6 hrs. don't last Ive seen times when I started to sing a song and right in the middle of it I had to stop to move the boat or the office calling me for new orders or the dock called to come to the dock to load or unload...did I mention that I only get 7 days off to go visit my home and family...well really only 6 days off cause it sometime takes all day to get back home just depends where we are at for crew change day....But this is the career I chose so I am not complaining in fact I count my Blessings everyday that I have a Job!
Now the reason I am writing this about myself is to let all of you my friends here on SS is to let you know that if you don't hear from me or return your awesome comments is for you not to think that i am ignoring you and I pray that you understand why...I wish I had more time on here to listen to everyone of your songs cause I love music as much as you do!!
Thank you for understanding well I hope you do anyway...God Bless !!!!