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LillothLEVEL 20


Lilloth is located in South Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since November 24, 2006. She has a total of 71 public recordings that have been viewed 5,118 times and 97 achievement points.

I'm happily married w/ 5 cats, 2 dogs & 4 sugar gliders living with us lol

Oh and yes, as you can see by my photo.. I am not what most would term, "normal". I was born with a severe physical disability. But my insides and my soul are anything but disabled!

I truly love singing. Karaoke has been a joy to me for many many years. Online karaoke is something I discovered many years ago and it gave me a new sense of personal confidence. I am able to sing my heart out and not worry about people focusing just on my looks and disability. Instead, they are listening to my voice! I've taken a break for a long while due to medical/health reasons but I hope to get back to it.

People have said to me that they're inspired by me through my voice and personality. I don't know exactly why but I hope whatever it is I'm doing, I can continue to inspire others. I love being able to share my passion for singing with others. Susan Boyle, from Britain's Got Talent, inspired me a lot. She dreamed a dream & didn't allow for bullying and her looks to stop her, so why should I, right?

I'm very thankful for this opportunity to share my love for singing with you all!

Thanks for listening!