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Lightningblue has been a SingSnap member since February 2, 2016. She has a total of 394 public recordings that have been viewed 145 times.

My username? I love the colour blue - the saturated blues in an Australian Lightning Ridge black opal or a blue Morpho butterfly, and especially blues that are almost purple. I think if I had a colour, that would be it. The beautiful things in life are priceless - family, nature, the beautiful airy cathedral dome of the sky, words, people who truly give themselves honestly and selflessly, good food with love cooked in it (it truly DOES taste different!) and OF COURSE music...did you know the planets in our solar system actually emit notes - the Earth, for instance, plays a C sharp with its orbit, 33 octaves below middle C - which all make a cosmic chord playing all together? Even the world is playing us a song I would like to always have faith in the belief that these things, even in times of the most crushing darkness and loneliness, can be enough to make us feel lucky to be alive every single day . Happy singing, everyone!