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LeeRogersLEVEL 79


LeeRogers is 54 years old, is located in Australia and has been a SingSnap member since August 10, 2009. He has a total of 2,141 public recordings that have been viewed 236,556 times and 506 achievement points.

My Musical journey started as an 11 year old when i started to play drums. After joining an Orchestra trying unsuccessfully to play Trombone and Trumpet, I eventually settled on the Guitar, learning Bass, Rhythm, and Lead. Still not happy, I also learnt to play Keyboards. It wasn't until I was 25 and had been in several bands that I was talked into actually getting up front and singing. My last professional recording and performing band in the UK was Lee Rogers' Rock and Roll Jukebox.

I visited Australia in 2016 and met my Singsnap singing partner, Sweetmaree. I emigrated in 2017 and we were married in November 2017. I performed locally with a new band Lee Rogers and the Bayside Drifters for about a year performing the songs of Cliff Richard and the Shadows. Now we just record at home, enjoying life on the bay.

Remember When It Rained - SingSnap's "The Battle"

Yellow - SingSnap's "The Battle"

Summer Lovin' - with SweetMaree

White Christmas - with JCD

Over The Rainbow/Wonderful world - with JCD