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leadplayer_54's real name is Lee Price. Lee is 66 years old, is located in Maine / USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 26, 2007. He has a total of 87 public recordings that have been viewed 4,382 times and 254 achievement points.

Hi! I am here to update my profile! WOW this is not good for me its going to be very hard to remember all that happened in this Mo. So here I go, I live in the state of Maine and before I left to come to see my beautiful girl and my five beautiful grandchildren is where I was going to in NC. State.
I had been so, sick with what I did not know but I did know I was going to die and I new it was going to be very soon because my Doctor told me Lever, Lungs, And my Heart was very bad he said to me there is nothing that I can do so go home and die !! You heard me right so very truly my sister and my ex and not sure who else was that I was in an out in the hospital... So when they let me out I went home to die and get everything in order!! Well I told my baby in NC. I will be there if it takes my last bit of air I had in me... So I got my tickits and went to her and she was there to get me from Norfolk airport! I am still here right now living my life that my doctors told me to die! I had to go to the doctors here and I am so very glad I did, they told me after all they did testing me and drawing blood from me for two days ... said your not going to die for a very long time wow I almost most passed out when he told me and Shelley who was with me at the time and she as well.. He said that my liver is no way as bad as they told me and my Lungs as well as my heart!! My heart had healed it self rerouted it self wow it blew me away... My lungs too no way as bad can you just see the look on my face and my baby who was standing there listening to the doctor tell us this wow thank you Jesus I new He was there with me and I could feel Him so much the chills went though me down by back all the way to my foot I only have my right now... So this is some of what I went though and all my dear sweet family as well because all they new was I was going to die very soon he gave me three Mo,s to live this new doctor gave me years Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where now I have a new out look on my life.. Thank you Jesus for being there for me so many times He had saved me and now again He saved me because Jesus Has a big work for me preaching His Word!!! And Telling all just what Jesus had done for me... I hope you will read this , I am sure there was more but this is all I can remember... Be Very Blessed.. Big Hugs and lots of Love from me and Jesus who I work for and I will for the rest of my life!!!! Amen...

Hi to all who have come to read my profile! (New up dates...) Hi To All My Dear Sweet friends! A Mo. agao i had to go to the hospital because i had a Heart a tac. Well it was bad i can nor remember anything at all only my ex. told me evrything it was the only way for me to know what happen...They keep me there for a week, the i whent home... Two days after that my ex had to take me back to the hosp. Again could not remember anything only what ex wife told me... I had a nother appointment my doctor told me i had three Mo. to live wow i took it very hard.. he said if i make two three Mo.s to come back and we will go from there... So you see my Lever, Heart, Lungs, are gone, and i also have a blockage in my arteries they told me they can not do anything because they would have to thin my blood down and they told me i could bleed out and die!! So Pleases Keep Me In Your Prays k I will Need All Of It.. Thank you all for everything and I do love you all even though we never met all that are in singsnap family that i love and will miss singing.. God Bless you all amd may the good Lord keep you safe and meet all of your needs and bills... Love Pasto......r Seymour L. Price... :*)Its been some time now not adding new up dates.. So i have been in and out of hospitals so many times i think i live there! But i had my left leg taking of way above the left knee its about sis In. long that is all i have left on the left knee.. But Jesus is my life and if i lost my right leg and they said it could happen so i still would keep working for my Farther and tell all who will hear me that they need to get there life right before Jesus comes back for His Children and we don't know when that will be only God knows and when its time Jesus His only begotten Son will be coming back for all whose ready... I pray every day for all sinners who have not Asked Jesus the Son of God in there life and that is all any one can do, the rest is up to them.. Back to me! My right leg is in need of surgery all the way to the hip, and even then they told me that it might still not work right so if nit don't work it means another surgery.. My Hip is gone as well they might have to replace it some day and i hope its soon because i can only stand for a a very short time and then i have to set down.. My right showder is torn very bad and it also need surgery. My neck also needs surgery and my back as well that's it for now but i just hope they do something very soon or i will never walk again... Its very hard on me having to deal with all this pain every day but i have great faith in my Farther whose name is Jesus!!! He and He alone is whats keeping me going, so i now live one day at a time and when i wake up i thank Jesus for given me one more day and that is how i live. Please for give my spelling i use to be good but now being in this way i have no need to use it.. I want to thank you all who has come and read my profile it truly means everything to me... PS. Please keep on praying for me i truly need all i can get and my ex wife as well, she has been though so my and had way to many surgery's so please keep her in your prayers as well....The biggest thing is money! we all need that so extra prays for that...
May Jesus touch and Bless you all and be with you at all tames to keep you all safe... Love Lee :^)
Pastor... Seymour L. Price... May Jesus be with you always..

This is a video of my grandchildren singing or lip sink way to cute check it out k it will make your day for sure...

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