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lakefly is located in New Zealand and has been a SingSnap member since July 4, 2019. He has a total of 203 public recordings that have been viewed 3,605 times and 264 achievement points. duet with Sandy in West Virginia

Hi !! Im Peter & I am from Central Canterbury New Zealand . I have been a craftsman/woodworker for over 40yrs [40 yrs of blood sweat & dust & not much lucre !!!!!] I should now be fully retired, but I enjoy being in my workshop & making a few things for my local market & more. If you would like to check out my work go to FACEBOOK ''Lakefly Woodware & Souvenirs''

I have been singing for 60yrs , its sometimes been a rocky road, but you need a few ''rocks'' as you go thru life, they all help ''add to the flavour'', & are like carbon is to steel to the character of man & they can also help with giving empathy to your songs. [just make sure you grow from your rocks, & that they dont make you cynical !!]

Heres a brief background to my singing. I started playing guitar & singing in my teens & later got into country music clubs, then later again along comes this new phenomena called karaoke (& karaoke bars), what a great vehicle for singers to ''have a go'' And what a wonderful & exciting journey may start because of it.Then later still I discovered I could do karaoke on my computer & I thought WOW this is great & it was ----- until this SingSnap thing comes along !!!! Its fair to say it has rocked my world & has added a whole new dimension to my singing passion. It is an amazing site full of wonderful features . Plus I am interacting with lots of beautiful people, fellow singers from around the world.

Over the last few years I find myself going more & more towards karaoke & there is a good reason for this ....disaster struck me about 6 years ago !!! When virtually overnight I lost my voice !!!! This was very traumatic & depressing for me because my singing was so important. My Dr referred me to a specialist who did the old ''camera up the nose trick'' and decided it was probably caused by work related dust. Shock ! Horror ! Probe ! His prognosis was not very encouraging . So followed sessions of speech therapy, singing lessons, a singing coach , (pertormers) physiotherapy. more speech therapy, all promising much , costing lots & delivering little. Lots of disappointment also at my clubs where my voice would break up when singing.Later I started going to karaoke again & voila my singing slowly improved ! I found karaoke easier than singing at clubs , not so much pressure & a fun reIaxed place where anything goes!! About that time I learned one of lifes great truths !!! DONT TRY TOO HARD PETER & sometimes you will get on better !!!!! It was certainly true in the case of my singing & today my voice is pretty much back to normal & I am enjoying my singing more than ever. And now I am slowly getting back into club singing again .

My karaoke bar [& i'm sure many others] has around 30 + singers a night, singers of all abilities including some that are very very good, and some that I would consider are just a lucky break away from making the big time, plus singers of all ages & doing songs of many genres.

I like many genres but my absolute favorite is old time C&W, I think its in my DNA !! I grew up with it listening to my Dads old c&w 78's. Thankyou Dad !! I'm just starting to realise now & in little ways just how much you you appreciated music & singing.

Music & especially singing is to me like coffee is to some people I need my regular fix to get me thru the day !! And I cant have to much of it unlike coffee !! MUSIC & SINGING & DANCING is so good for the soul & well being so we should all partake often. Sooo dance like nobody is watching !! & sing like nobody is listening !! And play lots of music, & play it like your neighbours are deaf !!!! And remember like food, music is better for you with a varied diet !!

Its so great to be a ''Happy Snapper'' !!! Soooo goodbye to those "Wasted Days & Wasted Nights" & ''Welcome to My (SS) World'' !!!!!

Thankyou if you have read my profile (many of you won't have got this far I expect)
I hope it may encourage you or someone who hasn't already, to give that (maybe secret) singing dream a go !!! Or to be like me (when I struggled for 2/3 years with a major voice problem) don't give up on whatever dream you may choose to follow !! So GO LAKEFLY !!!! GO SingSnap !!! & GO you Aspiring Singers !!!! And just remember with SS karaoke it's so easy, it's all on screen just waiting for a voice to complete the picture and then choosing to make the recording private or public (or maybe shouting your joy of achievement from the rooftops)

''I can't fly - but I can sing''