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Ladytrucker's real name is Candy Miller. Candy is 76 years old, is located in Arkansas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 30, 2007. She has a total of 72 public recordings that have been viewed 11,739 times and 385 achievement points.

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Just a few words to bring ya up to speed here with this old lady..I talked to the Dr, after my MRI on my brain & didn't like what he said but I got no choice, he showed me the dark spots on there & said that was were it was shrinking. So I am gonna be stuck in this wheel chair for the rest of my life..It hurts me but it could be & is gonna get worse..just not sure how fast..anyway, it leads to Dementia. So just say a prayer for me cause thats all that can be done now.Love all of you & God Bless.

Just an ole tired & wore out trucker that used to run about 6 or 7000 miles a week in about 5 or 6 shower & eatin on the truck...just stopped to fuel & ya gonna think I am crazy but I miss it so bad it hurts...could just cry & sometimes do..I was plum tuckered out every trip, but had more rest than since I retired...If not for SS & my friends on here I'm not sure what I would be doin..but, was so happy even though I was tired & dirty & hungry , I was still a happy .love you all a bunch...Thanks for keepin me up goin, that is what time I can stay up instead of down..lololol