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KyahReneeLEVEL 37


KyahRenee is 45 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 3, 2019. She has a total of 271 public recordings that have been viewed 19,046 times and 196 achievement points.

Other than choir in middle school, I am untrained and simply sing for the sheer joy it brings to my soul. For me, writing, singing and laughter are my greatest forms of therapy.

I live in South Carolina, but I was born and raised in Washington state. Lived there for 34 years before moving to SC for the last 10. I love the South!

I live with three neurological conditions that cause severe pain so I often disappear for a few days. I always come back swinging because I have a warriors heart and the spirit of a survivor. Even on my darkest days, you will find me laughing, cracking jokes....even if it’s in my pajamas, fuzzy socks and curled up with a blanket and an ice pack on my head. So even when I’m physically “down”, I’m RARELY emotionally/spiritually down!

Life has not been kind to me, but I have always remained kind—and that is what I live by.

We are not what happens to us, and HAPPY ENDINGS ARE NOT FOR COWARDS. You have to have the courage to fight for that happy ending and always believe you’re worthy of it. And no one gets to decide what your happy ending looks like!

Thank you for visiting my studio and for the incredible support and encouragement I have received so far. I am so happy to be here! I am an open book, so if you have questions, just ask!