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ktownladylouLEVEL 7


ktownladylou is located in Indiana / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 1, 2009. She has a total of 36 public recordings that have been viewed 637 times and 31 achievement points.

I am married to a wonderful man..two children...5 grandchildren...and 1 GREAT grandson!!! Nothing better than having grandchildren:) 2 Yorkies...Minnie & Mickey..spoiled little varmints lol...I was born in Kentucky... moved to Indiana when I was a teenager.I love to sing gospel....and love classic country music...I don't listen to "new" country. Accepted the Lord into my heart 5 years ago.....I wouldn't turn back for nothing. HE is the rock I lean on. I love to is my passion. I love SS....I can sing all I is so addicting!!! I have met a lot of wonderful people on here....who are now my SS friends. They are a treasure to me. My sister, Trishsc also sings on here...SS helps us to stay connected lol.